The Hat Makers workshop

Make and design your own Witch Hat 

No witch and her broomstick would never be caught out on Halloween wearing anything less than a designer Witch Hat

Bring: 1 yard of any color FELT for the purpose of this class. 
You may bring decorative accessories to embellish your hat. Think creatively!

 You must be able to troubleshoot your sewing machine. 
This is not a master the sewing machine class

Time:  6-7:30p  (1.5 hours)
Date:  October 25, 2018
Cost: 29.00

Hat in this picture is made of Felt

 This wicked witches hat offers curved circular stitching and other tricks and treats.

 Includes pattern layout and following pattern instructions. 

Plus, you'll meet and greet other witches in the coven
Hat makers workshop hats

New Years Tiara
Witch hat
Thanksgiving Chef hat
Christmas Stocking hat