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Your machine or ours!



We encourage students at all sewing levels to begin their sewing journey with The Sewing Machine Class as it is the foundation of garment or craft projects.  This class offers the learning basics of using a sewing machine and allows us to confirm that the student is proficient in the operation of their own sewing equipment (or sewing equipment at our studio).

Registration for any of our classes can be done directly on this Classic Sewing website - from the Register Here button and students will receive confirmation of their class enrollment after we have received their class registration information and fee.
Students with minimal or no sewing knowledge can expect to develop a general understanding of the basics after taking the 1.5-hour class option for The Sewing Machine Class.

For the Ultimate sewing class experience. The 3 hour class teaches the machine knowledge and used that experience to stitch your first project. 



sewing levels

experienced sew'ers

Classes are small - no more than four - five students per class as the smaller class sizes allow us to give more individualized attention to each student.  We make every effort to place students with similar sewing skill levels in the same class but not all students will be working at 'exactly' the same sewing level.  

Students within in the same sewing class may be working on different sewing garments of their own choosing.  The exception to this would be specific classes where all the students would be making the same garment or craft sewing project. 
Absolute Beginners:  no experience or you haven't sewn since 8th grade.

Advance Beginners:  Proven familiarity with a sewing machine and able to troubleshoot without assistance in most cases. Has sewn upto 3-4 projects and is ready to learn more

Intermediate:  Has sewn many projects and is learning to sew with patterns and
occassionally struggles through pattern instructions.  You understand why using the 10 master stitches are important.

Experienced Intermediate: Has sewn many projects with patterns. You're ready to enhance your sewing skills to the advanced level

Advanced: Able to modify patterns with little help, such as length and width adjustments on clothing. Can alter or repair clothing, which includes a multitude of hemming situations.  

Competition level-self explanatory

Once you've demonstrated familiarity with a sewing machine. You are welcome to use our machines while enhancing your sewing skills   You are welcome to use all tables, tools and gadgets.   When learning something new in sewing is your goal this is the place for you where you will have access to a patient professional  sewing instructor and meet other who enjoy sewing.