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Stitching with Knits

We can't live without them so we may as well learn to use them.

Stretchy fabrics require a bit of experience. So, if you're ready and eager to work with these fabrics take a Stitching with knits class and learn the fundamentals of working with knits.  This class is loaded with tips and techniques.

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Learn the ins
and outs of Sewing with Knits

1.5 hours   $45.00  
Bring scraps or testing fabrics
A variety of knit and stretch fabrics will be provided for practice stitching. 
We also share a variety of feet designed to help assist with sewing knit and stretchy fabrics.

The best way to experience this class is to bring all the accessories that came with your machine. 

We'll take the time to ensure you know what feet will help you sew smarter.