Stitches &

Your goal in this class
is to learn
basic pattern required stitches

All Beginners should master!

  Skipping certain stitches and not knowing the difference between one stitch and the other, could stitch the fun right out of sewing!
Not mastering basic stitches zaps the fun out of sewing.
Students will master the stitches shown in the instructions for every domestic pattern.
Mastering these stitches and understanding why they are important in the process can be half the sewing battle.

Skipping what seems like an unnecessary stitch can leave you fighting your project unnecessarily.
Let's say you open a pattern and the first thing it asks you to do is lay down a stay stitch and you say to yourself, "What's a Stay stitch?"

Then the next instruction, asks you to stitch a 1/4 inch ease stitch in the neckline of your center
front pattern piece....Will you know what to do?

If students don't start their sewing journey with controlled stitches, their road to the finish line may be rough.
Mastering basic stitches is sewing smart

Students should contact us if they need us to reserve one of our sewing machines for class use.

While students master the stitches, they will also learn the importance of identifying and selecting the right needle
type and size and the most appropriate sewing presser foot.

How long will it take?           A few sessions and home practice is required
How long are the sessions?:  1.5 hours
Cost:                                    $29.00 individually scheduled or 4 prepaid sessions at $108.00
Equipment:                          Students can bring their machine or call and reserve one of ours

To Register click here:
Bring a friend

This class works best if the student and their friend have a full understanding
of the sewing machine, such as troubleshooting, bobbins, threading, needle changing
curved stitching, etc. 
If not, take a refresher machine here

Students will also benefit from construction and sewing terms like...darts, dots and notches, oh my!

"No Stitchers left behind in any of our classes!"