Sewing Circles are a time-honored way to weekly connect with friends or family 
This is a 
"Judgement Free Space"  

Sew for a cause! 

There is great satisfaction in creating within a group of minds that think alike!
Not just for sewing,  crochet and knitters are welcome
You spent time creating and now you need a round of applause!
from people who appreciate what you went through
Peacefilled space to be quietly creative
A space filled with light
It's a place where mistakes are called "Character"!
come for the ambiance'
​Your choice of music

You can even solve and fix the worlds problems in a sewing circle!
come to focus 
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CALL TODAY 331-701-7191 to start a circle of friends 
  1. 1
    About Sewing Circles
    A place to go for help and inspiration. It is a community aimed at women helping each other find and nurture a passion- Connecting with others who enjoy the art of sewing Grow your circle of friends. Knitters and Crochet Circles are welcome.
  2. 2
    Sewing Levels
    All levels are welcome From absolute beginners to highly advanced If your group is going to consists of all absolute beginners take the machine class first and grow your sewing skills together Share what you know or learn from others.
  3. 3
    Payment options
    Weekly or monthly Let your circle decide how often you meet. Pick a day and time Sewing Circle/per hour $12.00 Minimum of 3 per sewist per circle Grow your circle of friends Take the Machine Class first before forming a circle This discount does not include a Machine Class
  4. 4
    Decide at your first meeting what will make your circle special Your imagination is the limit Customize your group Name your circle and invite your friends to join To learn something new with each circle meeting, talk to Kate Eating and drinking is allowed Indoor smoking is prohibited by law, lol!

Long story, shortened

These circles are under construction.
If it fits keep it, if it doesn't fit, fix it. 
Make the sewing circle work for you.

  • "Happy Hour" 
  • "Sewing Sisters" (taken)
  • "Sensitivity meetings"
  • "Therapy circle group"
  • "ABS circle" (always be sewing circle)
  • Come up with your own snappy name for your group
Collecting sewing friends and sharing the love of sewing is what I have been doing for the past almost 40 years.   Like everyone else I took sewing in 8th grade.  My project was a reversible poncho and thought nothing else of sewing after that. 
I have a hard time talking about myself, so I'll condense this story.
It all started with a birthday sewing machine and $5.00 to shorten a neighbors jeans, word got out, that I had a machine and they thought since I owned a machine I knew how to use it.  So, I needed to learn to sew and fast. Yes, my mom tried to teach me but we all know how that went. I love you, mom!
The request kept coming and I kept learning, classes and course after course in order to connect the gaps in what I needed to know including pattern making. 
     Then came 14 years of wedding parties, custom sewing, and customized clothing, fashion shows for startup designers, dance troops, piles and piles of alterations, embroidery jobs and industrial sewing jobs and regular 9-5 jobs, let's not forget my time with Etsy and little craft shows.  Everything I've done including marriage and raising two children, 1 house,  2 dogs, 2 birds, half a dozen fish, and a hamster, lead to this shop I call Classic Sewing.   
           Never have I ever done anything so scary, but it is my happy place and I want to teach the world to love sewing and to respect the art and skill of sewing the way I do.  I want Classic Sewing to be your happy place and make you part of my sewing circle,  Kate
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