5-day sewing camp full of fun, friends and creative sewing projects   
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  1. Week 2
    Week 2
    Every week they learn to sew safely and control their stitches. Some will sew straighter than others. Sewing is a skill best practiced.
  2. Week 3
    Week 3
    Controlling a sewing machine can be overwhelming, sew we'll make it fun and add lots of encouragement Sewing projects are matched to each group
  3. Week 4
    Week 4
    Just because they can turn a sewing machine on, doesn't mean they can sew. Our goal is to teach them step-by-step to sew with confidence
  4. It's Time to Sew
    It's Time to Sew
    Lots of projects designed to encourage creativity. Beginner projects have been chosen to enhance machine skills in a fun way!
  5. Week 5
    Week 5
    Every day we'll practice and review what was discovered about the sewing machine, to reinforce through practice
  6. Week 6
    Week 6
    This summer they will conquer the machine. Any child that can manage what it takes to operate a sewing machine safety will grow confidence with each project
  7. Week 7
    Week 7
    We teach them that the sewing machine is not a toy and the best way to keep sewing is to sew safely and master the machine
  8. Week 8 and beyond
    Week 8 and beyond
    Adding their own creative spin to each project is what sewing is all about!
June 3rd - August 9th
1.5  hours    11:00am-12:30pm