Kate Millar from Classic Sewing   Est. 2015

No Fabric Left Behind!

I named this extension of Classic Sewing "Selvage One" because it covers everything about fabric, trims, and embellishments. Sew'ers everywhere are even stitching surplus selvages together to make fabric. 
This should be applauded as a way to make use of every inch of fabric.

I always say "No Fabric left behind!"  
We're are getting the place ready to open a dedicated fabric section in the shop and sell online our great fabric finds. Which will include "Necessary Notions" too.  Everything from scissors to seam rippers 
Buttons to threads.   It's about time!

There is more then sewing going on at Classic Sewing

Selvage One is your link to sewing information too!

Unstanding what you are sewing and why you are sewing it that way. We want to connect the dots for you.  Sewing can be frustrating and we need to ease your frustration.
We want Classic Sewing to be your go to for sewing information and questions. 
It's sew hard to get good sewing help these days!
S.I.Y. Sew it yourself is a sustainable option