Successful Serging

90 Minutes or 3 hours of instruction
Adult or Children 8+ years

90 Minutes in the Machine Class starts your journey. Patient, friendly and bright environment. Get answers to your questions. Step-by-step instructions.  Gain confidence in your very first session. This is the best place to start sewing. ​
Learn what it takes to operate a sewing machine and alleviate the fear of breaking your machine or needles.

3 hours starts with the first 90 minutes learning the sewing machine. The last 90 minutes you'll use everything you learned about the machine to construct your very first project.
​Recommended for Adult 
Absolute Beginners


​​Ok, so you have a Serger and you want to put that professional touch on all your projects, but you're afraid to pull it out and use it. ​​

Perhaps you want a Serger, my best advice is to take a class, learn what it takes to operate one and you'll be able to purchase the Serger best for you.

DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU TRY this Serger class​

Take a Serging Class before you decide to purchase your own Serger.  You wouldn't buy a car before you learn to drive don't by a serger before you learn to thread. 

1.5 hours of serger instruction 

Adults are welcome to call and schedule time
 If you are an Absolute Beginner, start with a sewing machine class which is 1.5 hours of pure sewing machine information.

Intermediate or experienced sew'ers are welcome to tap into a wealth of sewing information to enhance and practice their sewing skills. Our patient sewing instructor will help students through any sewing rough patches. Students can get answers to sewing questions and will benefit from tips and techniques that help them sew smarter.
Classic Sewing provides a spacious sewing environment that students will enjoy.

$116 for 4 prepaid 1.5 hour sessions
$31.00 individually scheduled sessions
see classes or camps/events

For Beginner Sewists

Mondays or Wednesdays after school 
Pick 90 minutes between 3:00p and 5:30p

Space for 5 kids 
Kids can pick projects or let the sewing coach decide 
Bring in your machine or use a shop machine
Collect fabrics they'd like to sew with.

About Fabrics: Stretchy fabrics present greater difficulty when stitching, special needles and often special feet to sew with.
Extra supplies that may be needed: 
  • Stuffing
  • Thread - 100% polyester thread for special colors
  • Elastics
  • Hook and Loop tape (Velcro)
  • 7-9 inch All purpose zippers
  • Fat quarters are excellent for small projects

Dexterity in manipulating fabric and stitching takes practice. The concept of altering and mending clothing for a child is also takes mental dexterity. 
Talk to Kate if you need clothing altered. She'll let you know if your child has what it takes to alter clothing.  

Redesigning or upcycling is a form of artist expression and fun for kids!
This is an introduction to hand stitching. 
We begin by practicing threading and stitching.
Next, we move on to utilize what we learned to hand stitch a project. 

$14.00 per scout
1.5 hours 
We can accommodate up 18 scouts or brownies
Type of sewing: Hand Sewing 
Small groups up to 7: Introduction to the sewing machine (machines are limited)

Call to set a date