Beginners Guide to Quilting 101

Tammy has  over 30 years of quilting experience.
She is Self taught and has taken lots of quilting classes to continue educating herself in quilting.

 She is also new to garment sewing.

July 25
Aug 1
Aug 8
Aug 25

Time:  9:30am -11:00am

What to bring:  (total 1 yard of fabric)
1/4 yard of color  1
1/4 yard of color 2
1/4 yard  of color 3
1/4 yard of color 4
1 yard of backing fabric
1/2 yard of batting

$120.00 when you bring supplies
$139.00 for a kit  (kit colors vary)

More than a basic Understanding of
Quilting and Piecing 
First quilting project with begin with the fundamentals of design, color, rotary cutting, measuring, basic tools for quilters, assembly, binding and quilting techniques.